Bless My Soul


Fingerprints (2004)


Music: Powderfinger

Lyrics: Bernard Fanning


Band Quotes:

"We wrote this year (2004). We went to Spain, earlier in the year, for the first time, and we just has an awesome time there. We were only there for 5 days, but we were just drunk.. 'Brawling', we invented a new game, which was starting to punch each other in the face while we were drunk, in a very friendly way, of course! And we now call it brawling across Europe. That's our new way of touring." -Bernard Fanning


Fan Theories (none)



Push me right over

And hold me down under the wave

If I'm out of breath maybe

I'll recognise my mistakes


Cause nothing I've done yet

Is worthy of showing to you

Its just meaningless bullshit

The promises I'll pedal you


I need somewhere to begin

Somebody gotta let me in


Colour me with red and gold

Your sweet love will bless my soul

Colour me with red and gold

Come bless my soul


I left the thunder

And rain of my past all behind

When I'm looking back there's

A shadow that falls over my time


Cause nobody knows just

What happened to me there in Spain

That place took me right over

Left me to be ever changed


..wont you come and bless

wont you come back and bless my soul

With your sweet love...