My Kind of Scene


Fingerprints - (2004)

Vulture Street CD (2004)

Odyssey number Five (2000)

My Happiness (AU) (2000)

Mission Impossible 2 (US) (2000)- Not My Kind of Scene

Mission Impossible 2 (2000)  (rest of world)

JUICE EP (2000) - It's Not my Kinda Scene (Oh Yeah)


Music: Powderfinger

Lyrics: Bernard Fanning


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Other info:

Was voted #3 in Triple J's hottest 100 of 2001. 


The song wasn't written specifically for the MI2 soundtrack. 

It was written and pretty much recorded before they were asked for a song. The band sent in 3

songs and they chose My Kind of Scene. Other songs they sent were Up & Down & Back Again,

and Whatever Makes You Happy.





Tell me where I'm

Supposed to begin

An unhappy life working 

Some kind of dead end job


For everything you thought you had

Has gone from worse to bad


Lean to the side

Whisper it quiet

The end is in sight working

All night around the clock


But it's not my kinda scene oh yeah

Footprints on the other side

Remind me where I've been oh yeah

I'll watch from the other side


Tell me where I'm supposed to begin

Move out of sight and onto

Some life I'm dreaming of


For everything you thought you had

Has gone from worse to bad

So I'll just wait and watch the wheels

While you're turning back


Pulls me over and drags me under

Pulls me over and it drags me under

Alright now alright now